Our Solution

Single Solution for Operations, Billing and Accounting.

Cloud Hosted

Get the advantage of a 99.99% uptime server with very low cost of ownership. Fully managed servers will provide you with the best data security and automated application updates. Access your data from the comfort of your home or in a coffee shop from a variety of devices and operating systems.

Branches / Loading Points

Map any number of Branches / Loading Points for your company. All managed by different logins with security and access rights defined. Branch accounting and interbranch transactions are part of the solution. Provides for Flexibility, Transparency and Scalability

User Friendly

Simple and functional UI in the APP / the cloud will bring that smile back on your employees / staff. Do away with complicated manual processes. Improve manpower Efficiency exponentially.

Real Time Monitoring

Instant update to the central database over the cloud will enable your Central 24/7 control tower to monitor all the activities in the branches / loading points, thereby substantially reducing your costs on communication, stationery and admin staff.


Automatic notifications to your customers, consignors, consignees, branch offices, field staff etc. SMS, Email or In-APP notifications are all integrated seamlessly.

Open API's

Built with many open API's for integrations with your existing ERP's or third party customized accounting systems or HR solutions. Your data is never isolated but part of the overall picture.

ABout us

We are involved in the Development of Customized Business Application Software. A trend setter in Business application development with famed solutions in the field of Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Automobile Dealership Management, Help Desk Management, Payroll, Human Resources, Invoicing, Logistics Management etc., to name a few.
Our applications are designed to meet the standard SEP {Speed, Efficiency, Performance} Customers are extremely satisfied with our very good User Friendly Graphics User Interface.

some supercool features

Yes there are plenty. Here is the list!


Order Management.

Order Capturing, Confirmation, Placement and Arrivals. Analytics and efficiency. Orders through multiple channels - APP, WEB or Phone


E-LR and E-POD.

Email LR, Upload Documents for Invoices, E Way Bill, Acknowledgment etc. Reduction in usage of paper


Accurate Data.

Data captured at source with upload of documents like RC Book, DL, Aadhaar etc for statutory requirements



Agent, Driver, Fuel accounting and settlements. Advances in CASH / Cheque / Neft / Coupons etc. Autogeneration of all the accounting vouchers



Billing is a breeze at just a click of a button. Frieght, Halting / Detention, Claims etc are all covered.



Dashboards for faster decision making and control. All data and MIS available in excel format.

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